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Brass & Chain

Queens Borough Necklace

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·      Map

·      High Quality Epoxy Resin

·      Antique Brass Components

·      19” Chain

·      ¾” Pendant


How cute is this Queens New York necklace? It is a very stylish design that you will love wearing for various reasons. Not only does it simply look great, but it will have special meaning to it if the wearer loves Queens NY, was born there, grew up there, has family there or is dating someone who lives there. Unique map necklaces like this are great because they have a personalized touch to them. Not only would it be a lovely gift to get for yourself, but it would also be a fantastic present to give a loved one in your life. Although this is a handmade jewelry design, you can rest assure that we keep our prices as affordable as possible. After all, there is no reason to break the bank in order to own thoughtful jewelry. Just be sure to snag this amazing Queens map necklace for yourself before we sell out. Happy shopping!