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Gold Heart Midi Knuckle Ring


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  • Size 3.5
  • Small Finger Ring
  • Top Finger Ring
  • Gold Plate

A plump little heart is the focus of this playful knuckle ring. Not only is it great for everyday wear, but it would make for a lovely gift giving option as well. When you want to show off your sweet and romantic side, this is a great heart accessory to do it with. Depending on your mood for the day, you can wear just one heart ring for a minimalist look, or slip on multiples when you want to create a bolder look. One of today’s biggest fashion trends straight off of the runways are ring parties, which is when you mix and match a bunch of rings to wear on your hand at one time. Pair this heart ring with our cat rings, top finger rings, snake rings, star rings, plain rings and so much more. Measuring in at 3.5, this women’s knuckle ring would also
be a wonderful buy for those with small fingers so that it can be worn at the base.