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Colette Paperie

Colette Paperie Facebook Notification Birthday Card


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·      High Quality Paper

·      Vivid Ink Printing

·      1 Blank Card-Bright White Textured Cardstock

·      1 Yellow Envelope

·      Funny Birthday Card

·      Folded Card Measures Approximately 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"

Do you have a bestie in your life who you know absolutely everything about? You know their favorite ice cream flavor, their first crush and how many drinks they can have before you make them go home. For this friend, we have a very unique birthday card that they are going to love. This humor birthday card reads:

I don’t need a Facebook notification to know it’s your birthday.

Enjoy your special day!

Is that not so true? So if you have a friend, where when the clock ticks midnight to ring in their birthday, you are the first person to text or call them, then this is a great card to present them with. It was created by one of our favorite stationery companies, Colette Paperie. They make the cutest greeting cards that are full of wit and whimsy. Stock up on their modern stationery designs so that you always have something for every occasion.