• Blue Stretch Skull Bracelet

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Blue Stretch Skull Bracelet

$5.00 $14.99

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  • 12MM Wide Skulls
  • Stretch
  • Distressed

We are loving the combination of distressed skulls and the brilliant blue hue of this stretch bracelet. It is made up of all skull charms that have a ghoulish and edgy look to them. Each skull has a distressed appearance that looks fabulous. While you can wear this skull bracelet on its own for just a simple accent, the other option is to stack them in multiples to create a statement making look. Stack them in one color, or mix and match it with other hues that we offer this skull bracelet in. You can also get this skull bracelet in turquoise, red, white and black. What’s great is that this is an affordable piece, so that you can purchase as many as you want so that you will always have the perfect colors to wear with your outfit. Plus, stretch bracelets are a wonderful option as a present because you don’t have to worry about sizing. It will slide over the hand comfortable and fit on the wrist great.