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Over the Moon Necklace in Platinum Plate


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  • 17 Inch Chain
  • Platinum Plate
  • Cubic Zirconia Stone
  • Pendant 14 MM Height

The magical moon has many different stages, but the beautiful crescent being one of the most well known. Seen here is our Over the Moon Necklace in a platinum plate (there is also a gold-plate version). A brushed finished moon pendant has been inlaid with a dainty cubic zirconia stone that gives it just the tiniest hint of shimmer. It’s a very dreamy piece that is perfect for showing off your romantic side. A crescent moon is thought to have different meanings, one of our favorites being that it is a symbol of new beginnings. Whether you are looking for a new start, or need an incredibly thoughtful gift for a loved one who just graduated, got a new job, got married or is having a baby, this crescent moon necklace would be the perfect present to present them with. Be sure to purchase it before we sell out of it!