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Silver Mini Heart Knuckle Ring


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  • Size 3.5
  • Platinum Plated
  • Knuckle Ring
  • Small Finger Ring

Tiny and sweet, how adorable is this silver, mini, heart, knuckle ring? It’s a small design that will still manage to catch the attention of a lot of people. These small finger rings are 3.5 in size and can also be worn as a midi ring. Midi rings are a major trend nowadays, as are wearing multiple rings on your fingers for a bold and fashionable look. If you love romantic jewelry or trendy jewelry, this is definitely a great buy for you. We also think that this heart midi ring/small finger ring makes for a fantastic birthday gift, holiday gift or bridesmaid gift. It has a platinum plate and smooth polish so that it has a nice gleam to it. Why not purchase a few of these so that you can either give them out, or wear them all at once for a fierce and lovely look? You are going to love this purchase!