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The Alchemy Shop

Tea Party Bow Earrings


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  • Platinum Plate
  • 1CM Wide
  • ½ CM Tall

Cute and petite, we just think that these Tea Party Bow Earrings are super sweet. They are tiny earrings that look like natural bows. The flow of the curves is so pretty. Each earring has a smooth, platinum-plate polish, which allows for a lovely sheen. They are extremely lightweight, so you will forget that you are even wearing them. Stud earrings like these are great for any woman because they can be worn with all types of outfits. Wear these tiny bow earrings with everything from vintage dresses to jeans and tees. If you are looking for a cute accessory for your bridesmaids to wear at your wedding, or need a fashionable gifts for a stylish loved one, this would be a great choice to go with. Be sure to purchase these dainty earrings before we sell out of them. We have a feeling they are going to be a customer favorite.