The Alchemy Shop Knuckle Rings on the Today Show

Posted: May 02 2013

Guess what? Well, if you got to this page, we are pretty sure that you know already.

The Alchemy Shop knuckle rings were featured on the Today Show! How amazing is that?!? They featured, not one, not two, not three, but four of our knuckle rings! We love how they piled them all on and called it a ring party because that is exactly what it looked liked!


And to top it off, Today Show host Tamron Hall was really digging this hot, knuckle ring trend. That made us so happy! Once we saw these amazing designs, we knew that we had to get them on our website.

What pieces did they show? There was the delicate fox ring, platinum-plated knuckle ring, rose gold plated knuckle ring and our winding arrow ring. You can purchase all these fantastic, women’s knuckle rings right here.

The hardest part will be just choosing one item, so why not purchase a few different style so that you can mix and match the look up.

Love a style, but see that it is sold out? No worries! We will have more of these cute and stylish knuckle rings back in about two weeks.

Check out these women's knuckle rings right here!

Happy shopping! 


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