What to Wear to a Wedding

Posted: May 10 2013

Is it just us or is everyone getting married it seems? Usually when the warmer months hit, we find ourselves maxing out our credit cards at places like Williams Sonoma and Bed, Bath & Beyond. But we don’t mind because we love our peeps, and their weddings then give us an excuse to shop. After all, a wedding gives us reason to purchase a new dress! Now what to wear to a wedding? Let’s see shall we?

What to wear to a city wedding?

When it comes to the city wedding, we think along the lines of sexy, sleek and contemporary. We don’t mind showing a bit of skin at this type of setting, whether it is with a sequin mini cocktail dress, a plunging halter dress or backless dress. Other ways to go a bit daring and edgy are with hot metallic dresses or studded dresses. You are going to look amazing wearing designs like this with fierce shoes such as platform heels or ankle booties. Accessorize with fun items, such as unique stud earrings, crystal hoop earrings or stackable bangles. Pull your hair back into a chignon and give yourself a sultry smoky eye. And there you go! A full, head-to-toe look.


Try something like our:

Pretty pleated green studded halter dress, $63.99


Kristina’s metallic gold party dress, $62.99

What to wear to a beach wedding?

We love beach weddings because usually we can squeeze in some personal rest and relaxation while we are there. Because of the sand and water, we prefer to opt for shorter dresses so that they don’t drag and get dirty. Something in a light or bright color would look fabulous and gorgeous with your surroundings. Try not to wear heels or wedges because you don’t want them sinking in the sand. We would highly suggest going with a pair of fancy flat sandals or fancy thong sandals. Think along the lines of ones with glittering beads or pretty crystals. For your hair, you can’t go wrong with coconut-scented beach waves or a loose, side braid. And how sweet with it be if you pinned on a realistic flower hair accessory? Finish off your look with a light bronzer, flushed cheeks and a layer of mascara.


Try something like our:

Sally’s strapless petal cascade dress, $39.99


Penny’s A-line bell sleeve dress, $43.99

What to wear to a formal wedding?

For the formal wedding, it would be very elegant if you chose to go with a long, floor-length dress or an embellished dress. Either option would look very dramatic and very sophisticated. Go out to the nines, because to be honest, how often do we get to gussy ourselves up like this? It is kind of a treat if you think about it. To accessorize, slip on beautiful cocktail rings, semi-precious jewelry, shimmering bangles or anything that you think would be worthy of a red carpet walk. Choose a pair of high-heels that will truly elongate your legs. For your hair, we love the idea of doing a style where you can add on a gorgeous hair accessory. You could do this with a dramatic ponytail or by doing a woven braided look. To complete your look, finish off with a rich red or intense wine lipstick.

Try something like our:

Victoria’s strapless maxi dress, $63.99


Deborah Lindquist embroidered corset dress, $10.99

What to wear to a garden wedding?

It’s very common for people to have their weddings in gardens nowadays, whether it is in someone’s backyard or at a botanical garden. With all of the gorgeous scenery there, we think that you should keep that floral and romantic theme going. You would look fantastic wearing something like a floral printed dress or lace dress to this sweet event. Whether you choose to go with a touchable hairstyle or a Mad Men inspired knot, you are going to look very lovely. Try not to wear a thin heel, instead, wear a pair of wedges or a stacked heel. Why? Because if there is any chance that you will be on the grass, you don’t want your heels sinking into the dirt and getting messy. It’s happened to us before and made up very upset campers. We definitely don’t want that happening to you. Keep your face sweet and pretty with flushed cheeks and a berry pink lip.


Try something like our:

Bella’s romantic red and pink maxi dress, $45.99


Elisa’s aqua floral peplum dress, $44.99







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