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Posted: Mar 28 2013

Hey guys!

Joyce here, owner of The Alchemy Shop. Now, I know that a bunch of you know that I use to be a magazine editor and stylist for magazines and television, but did you know that I am also a featured Trendsetter on Shopcade.com?


Click here to check out my profile.

Shopcade.com is this awesome, online shopping engine that can help you find anything your fashionable heart desires, from the latest in fashion and beauty, to awesome technology products or kitchenware. It started out as UK company, but now they have brought their presence to the United States. Lucky us! Why? Because with this site, not only can you score discounts, but you can also get free stuff. Who doesn’t like free stuff?? Leave it to those Brits to create something new and innovative for us to enjoy.

If you ever, ever, ever need help trying to figure out what new items to buy, great deals to score on the web, gifts to get for your mom, significant other or friends, be sure to check out my Shopcade profile and follow my product feeds. When you start adding products, gaining followers, pretty much anything on the site, you end up racking up points and a trend score. With your points and a trend score, you can then redeems them for items such as contemporary jewelry and Starbucks gift cards, to Sephora gift cards even Kindles. The prizes are constantly changing, so work fast to rack up those points if there are certain items that you have your eyes on.

Happy shopping!




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