LOVE Pendant Necklaces

Posted: Mar 15 2013

We love LOVE! That’s why we had to show you guys these LOVE necklaces. The letters are bold and will pair well with all kinds of outfits. Doesn’t it look gorgeous on our beautiful model, Jessica? Currently we offer this versatile pendant necklace in polished silver tone metal, matte gold tone metal and polished rose gold metal.


With each necklace also comes a pair of earrings. Each earring features the word LOVE in lowercase script. Matching jewelry sets like these are great to have because you end up getting two types of jewelry with just one buy. You can wear this plain metal matching jewelry set together, separately, or mix and match it with other items on our website or in your jewelry box so that you end up creating something that represents you the best, and that will also be unique to you.


The reason why we love plain gold jewelry, plain silver jewelry and plain rose gold jewelry is that these are neutral metallic hues. The pair well with all other colors so that you can layer something like this necklace with even more necklaces, and also know that it will match whatever color you feel like wearing for the day.


Conclusion? If you love LOVE as much as we do, share this great message with the world. Maybe you will inspire those around you! It would also make for a fabulous gift item as well for a friend or family member in your life.




Featured items:




Randy’s Silver LOVE Necklace Set $23.99




Stacey’s Matte Gold Necklace and Earring Set $23.99




Diane’s Rose Gold LOVE Necklace $23.99





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