Red Alert: Stylish & Chic Red Clothing & Jewelry

Posted: Mar 10 2013


Make a bold and fierce statement with luxurious red clothing and accessories. Red is such a rich and passionate hue, you will feel extra confident whenever you slip it on. In our Just In section, we have some red tops, red dresses and red jewelry that you are going to love incorporating into your wardrobe.


Bella’s romantic red and pink maxi dress: We call this a romantic dress because right off the bat, that’s what comes to mind. It’s not just the colors that make it so sweet, but you have the lovely lace paneling and bow belt that make us just see this as such a darling find. It’s a fantastic, red and pink maxi dress that you can wear out on dates, as day wear or just when you want to show off your loving and starry-eyed side.


Sandy’s red crescent necklace: What’s great about this red crescent statement necklace is that you can wear it to work or for a night out on the town. It will add a very sophisticated splash of color to your overall look. The acrylic bib section has such a gorgeous polish to it, it will gleam beautifully in the light. Then there is the metal chain that is very unique looking due to the mesh design of it. Slip this red necklace on with everything from strapless dresses and blouses, to tees and camisoles.


Lulu’s pleated printed red camisole: This pleated red camisole is such a great design. It is not just a stylish, spaghetti strap top, but in person, you can appreciate all of the high quality craftsmanship that went into the making of it, due the sleek pleats. While you can wear this top over everything from shorts to maxi skirts, we also love using this pleated top as a layering piece. Pair it with boyfriend cardigans, blazers or leather jackets depending on the weather or you mood.

Rosa’s red a-line skirt pants: Whether you want to call them skirt pants or palazzo pants, this style is HUGE for spring 2013. Palazzo pants were seen on various runways, such as Diane von Furstenberg’s and Ralph Lauren’s. They are a comfortable look that also looks great. We love the vintage inspired feel of the red palazzo pants that we carry and hope that you do too. You can pair it with blouses and t-shirts. We especially love mid-height heels with this design to enforce a vintage look.


Red Studded Snap Bracelet: When you want to add a bit of edge to your look, studded jewelry is a fabulous way to go. This red studded snap bracelet is a great design to accent your look with. Seen here is an easy to slip on and off, two-row studded bracelet. It is a second hand, but like new piece, and the length can be adjusted depending on which buttons you close them on. For a sleek and simple look, wear this red bracelet on its own, however, it would also look great layered with other bracelets or bangles that you already have in your jewelry box.


Jill’s red and blue printed hi-lo cardigan: There is one more piece that we want to bring to your attention. It’s our vintage looking dotted cardigan. It’s lightweight and looks beautiful layered over a variety of tops or dresses. One of the big bonuses about this red jacket design is that if you feel like covering up your bottom half a little bit, this top is shorter in the front, but the back is a bit longer and will stylishly cover up your rump.  On days where you are feeling a bit self-conscious, this is a top you are going to wish that you had handy.                                          


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