Get Jennifer Lopez's Dress Style for Cheap!

Posted: Mar 07 2013



At the Chanel Fall 2013 show, Jennifer Lopez showed up wearing a sweet lace dress. We love how she wore it two ways. One was on its own and the other was layered with a simple black blazer. She looked so chic both ways.

You can get the look of Jennifer Lopez for much cheaper with our beautiful and affordable options. All you have to do it pair our Becky’s modern black blazer with our Kerry’s lace layered fit ‘n’ flare dress. The lovely lace will peek out from the streamlined blazer perfectly. And what’s great is that the flare shape will show of your legs wonderfully. We also added in our Sarah’s turquoise button earrings into the mix to give the look a pop of color. If you want a sleek look, simply accent your look with a pair of simple, plain stud earrings, such as diamond studs or plain metal studs.


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