Great Gift Idea: Custom Necklaces

Posted: Feb 21 2013


In need of a great gift for yourself or a loved one in your life? Then be sure to check out our Brass & Chain custom-made map necklaces. The incredible part is that they are only $28.99. Why is that incredible? Because for less than $30 you end up getting a design that is thoughtful, meaningful, sweet and a great accent for all types of ensembles. And it’s one of a kind, which is pretty damn fantastic for the price. We are serious. There is only one available in each style, so be sure to purchase it ASAP if you like it, because once it is sold we literally can’t get another one.

At the current time you can purchase New York necklaces, Brooklyn necklaces, France necklaces, Italy necklaces, Dallas necklaces and North Carolina necklaces. They are made with vintage maps and antique brass metal. The 19” chain is a nice weathered look to it. The pendant measures in at ¾” and will look so lovely against a variety of skin tones.

Custom city, state and country necklaces are a great way to signify where someone was born or raised. Or you could purchase one that they hold dear to their heart due to the memories that they associate with that particular location. We especially love this design for long-distance sweethearts to gift to one another. It’s a beautiful way for them to stay connected when they physically can’t be near each other. 


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