One Chance Sneak Peek: Halston Heritage Dress

Posted: Feb 05 2013


Ok, so there’s this Halston Heritage dress we have in the shop. This piece is going to be featured in our One Chance section. It’s brand new, only worn one time. The problem is we want to keep it for ourselves soooo badly! Why? Because we all tried it on and it looks really good on us. This is the hard part about running a clothing and accessories store. You want to wear everything you are featuring in the store. Maybe we should’ve gone into a business that we don’t really have much interest in wearing or having anything to do with like…curtains…or dirt…dirt…that sounds pretty good right about now.

Anyway, we digress. So when we launch the store, in the upcoming weeks, we are going to tearfully part with this Halston Heritage one-shoulder dress. It definitely has a Grecian feel to it. While it has a lovely drape and flow to it as is, it also look wonderful belted. Just do us a favor. Don’t wear it with heavy duty gladiator shoes. If you do that, it will take that Greek look waaaaay overboard, and will start looking costume-y. Save that for Halloween.

Now you may be wondering why we don’t just keep all the clothing for ourselves. We could…but then we would be out of business and we definitely don’t want to go out of business before we even launch the actual store. That would just be unacceptable. Other items that we can’t wait to share with you in our Once Chance clothing and accessories section includes, but isn’t limited to:

-A really cute Juicy Couture strapless black dress with pleats. It is so well-made, you can tell that it will last through the years.

-There is a brand new Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet. Crazy, right? We were shocked when we found a brand new one. And you can score it for a great price now.

-Hawaiian shell and nut necklaces. We have in these beautiful and rich looking shell and nut necklaces that are from Hawaii. They are going to be perfect for the spring and summer seasons because they pair beautifully with maxi dresses.



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