Coming Soon: Pandora's Multicolor Tribal Maxi Dress

Posted: Jan 18 2013 has been working on some spring buys for the store and we came across this gorgeous maxi dress. We call it our Pandora's multicolor tribal maxi dress. Doesn’t it look so unique and fun? The vibrant and soft hues just combine so beautifully. We are also digging the tribal inspired print on the bodice. The yellow insert in the skirt may be simple, but is quite unexpected. All of the twists and turns of this design are sweet and interesting. This is going to definitely be a standout in your closet.

When it’s nice and sunny outside, just wear it as is with a great necklace, bangle set and some gladiator sandals. Bohemian girls will love wearing their hair long and flowing with this style and slipping their feet into a pair of comfortable flip-flops or bare sandals. What’s great is that when it’s a bit chilly outside, you can easily layer this with other items to create a completely new look. You can style this out with a sleek blazer, leggings, booties and a cross-body bag. Or you can belt a cardigan over it and step into your favorite pair of riding boots.

We are just head over heels for this dress, so we keep trying to think of new outfits to make out of it. The hardest part will be not wearing it everyday of the week because you will love it that much.


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