Sneak Peek: Pastel Bib Necklace Set

Posted: Jan 08 2013


We just got these suckers in and are obsessed! Only a few will be sold on our site, so when it goes up, be sure to purchase it fast if you want it. Our main concern is that our staff might get to it before we can even get it on the site.

Not only are they great with fancier outfits, but they would be perfect just worn over a simple t-shirt. It’s not overly huge as you can see from this picture where we shot it on a mannequin. Actually we think it’s a great size. Petite, but still a statement making jewelry design.

This matching necklace set consists of a three-piece bib necklace that is made up of pretty pastel hues that are extremely popular for the Spring/Summer 2013 seasons. We love the combination of sweet from the hues and edgy with the studs. It comes with a pair of matching pink stone dangle earrings. You can wear the necklace and earring set together, or mix and match it with other items in your own jewelry collection to create something that will be unique to you.


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