How to Organize Your Bookshelves by Color

Posted: Aug 05 2015

LOVE! Joyce Huang, founder of The Alchemy Shop, was cleaning up her books and we have to say that we are obsessing over how colorful and organized it looks. Looking for an easy way to clean up your bookshelves, all the while looking as if you had an interior designer come in? Then checkout how Joyce created this effortless look for her living room.

My apartment was looking cluttered and I know that my husband mentioned that my books were looking crazy chaotic, so I thought I would start with that. We had a big wall behind the living room couch that I was planning on hanging art on, but then I figured, why not turn my books into art. They are kind of a lost art in a way considering so many people read off of kindles and whatnot now. I ran the idea by my husband of organizing my books by color, and he seemed gung-ho about it. Though, I guess he would have been happy with anything I did at that point.

I figured that I could get all of my books to fit on two bookcases, but since I was displaying this behind my couch, the rows directly behind the couch wouldn’t be seen, so I bought three bookcases so that all of my books would show at the top, and I could use the bottom hidden rows as storage for things I didn’t use that often.

Next I started to organize small groupings of my books by color to figure out what order I wanted them to be seen on the bookshelves. I ended up going with: White-off-white-yellow-brown-pink-orange-red-green-blue-gray-black. You may choose to go with different color groupings depending on what books you have. Or, instead of grouping individual colors, organizing by white, pastel, neons, etc, could also be very cute.

I loved the way that the blue grouping looked, so I decided to break it up into three shelves in order to extend that color all the way along the wall. Luckily, there was a beautiful picture of Audrey Hepburn on one of the books, so I decided to display that to add something to break up the book rows and added in tea seat that my grandmother passed on to me. From there, in went a Jameson barrel I purchased in the south years ago, and a statue of a Chinese goddess that I have had for over a decade.

I still have a space at the top, so I’m going to start looking for interesting table lamps to attach at the top. This way I can get rid of my floor lamps to create more space in the apartment.

Have other ideas on how to organize a bookcase? Share with us!


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