Introducing: The Macamini Phone Charm

Posted: Jun 10 2015

Phone charms are cute. Macarons are cute (and tasty). When you combine the two you get something super cute. Tech phone charms are a great accessory because you typically always have your phone on you or out, so people will always see it. But what’s great about the Macamini is that it not only looks fabulous, but it is also functional. Just pop it open and you get a phone screen cleaner that is soft, durable and won’t cause any scratches. It is very important to clean your phone on a regular basis because you don’t want to constantly be transferring bacteria or causing any breakouts on your face.

Available in a rose pink, mint green, soft purple and pastel blue, you can change up your Macamini to perfectly match your outfit of the day.

Get it now for $24.99. And don’t forget, if you enter your email into the pop-up box on our homepage, you can get a one-time use, 50% off promo code.


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