#WCW: Emma Stone

Posted: Jun 03 2015

It’s very hard not to notice Emma Stone. She’s usually the girl on the big screen that somehow manages to steal the entire show from everyone else. Her big-eyed good looks are similar to that of a whimsical cartoon, while her voice has a goofy edge to it that it utterly hard not to fall in love with. She’s that beautiful, exotic, amazingly fun and talented friend that you could never hate because she’s so wonderful. Have we gushed enough about our #WCW?

No, we haven’t, because we haven’t even touched on her hair, makeup and fashion looks! We don’t know if she has really amazing innate style, or just a spot on team behind each of her looks, but this woman is on point!

Check out some of our favorite Emma Stone looks that our staff is obsessing over.

Even when she plays a woman with mental issues (Birdman), she still looks great. The platinum blond hair and dark eyeliner is a great combo for her.

An oldie, but goodie, we love everything about this from her mermaid side-braid to the bold pinks that look fantastic with her red hair. A crop top is super bold for a red carpet, but she was able to pull off this Met Gala ensemble.

At the 2015 Golden Globes, Stone made her grand entrance wearing a Lanvin jumpsuit and a wavy lob. We may have purchased a few jumpsuits after seeing this. No lie.

During a 2014 Super-Man premiere, she glided down the red carpet in this elegant and edgy, Prada gown that we want to wear everywhere. We’ll even wear it while we are grabbing groceries and putting change in the meter, it’s that covetable.

 All images via Pinterest.com


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