Major Craving: Super Cute Stud Earrings

Posted: May 27 2015

Understated and just super adorable, dainty stud earrings are some of our favorite fashion designs, period. Though they are tiny in size, they can still make a big statement. We can’t tell you how often we’ve gotten distracted talking to people, simply because they were wearing such unique stud earrings. From bar earrings to miniscule animal earrings, there is something for everyone’s personal style personality. You can even mix and match pairs to create your own combo, without looking like you are trying too hard when it comes to your accessorizing. Bonus is that tiny stud earrings are wonderful for finishing off any type of look, so that you will always get a ton of wear out of small earring purchases. If you have your cartilage pierced, they can also be worn there to do double duty.

Straight Shooter Stud Earrings in Gold Plate $31.99


Float On Butterfly Stud Earrings $38.99


CZ Owl Stud Earrings $32.99


Dainty Skull & Star Earrings Trio $42.99


Goodnight Moon Stud Earrings $36.99


Gold-Plated Lotus Earrings $34.99


Platinum Plate Fox Stud Earrings $29.99


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