Grown-Up Friendship Bracelets! Woot!

Posted: May 11 2015

Remember the days of braiding lanyard and making colorful bracelets for all of your BFFs? We do too and can’t help but miss wearing those accessories. However, we have just gotten some fantastic ‘grown-up’ friendship bracelets that are a bit more age-appropriate for us. These beautiful designs are from Greece and England from unique designs and on top of it, are all handmade! Even though they are handmade designs, we try and keep the prices as affordable as possible. Various style are sold as sets, or you can by single ones in case your prefer a more minimalist style, or would like to create your own color combinations. All styles are super stylish though, so you will be happy with any designs you end up purchasing.

Pastel Pink & Turquoise Crystal Friendship Bracelet $23

Handmade Studded Friendship Bracelet Set $47

Mint Green & Crystal Friendship Bracelet $23

Pastel Purple & Crystal Friendship Bracelet $23

Handmade Woven Crystal Friendship Bracelet $30

White & Midnight Blue Crystal Friendship Bracelet $23


  • Posted by Olivia on December 01, 2016

    Looks great!

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