New York Love

Posted: Apr 13 2015

Did you know that the headquarters for are based out of New York City? It’s a fascinating borough that is constantly non-stop, has amazing art and it known as one of the major fashion capitals of the worlds. The inspiration that you get out of this city is sensational. Because we heart New York so much, we offer a line of New York fashions that are perfect for those who love it as much as we do, for those who can’t wait to visit, and for expats who think of their hometown here still.

Which New York design suits your style the best?

Brevity Brooklyn Necklace in Gold $95

Brevity Brooklyn Necklace in Stainless Steel $80

Brass & Chain Queens Borough Necklace Was $28.99/Now $14.99

Brass & Chain New York Map Pendant Necklace Was $28.99/Now $14.99

The Alchemy Shop New York Mesh Football Jersey $64.99

The Alchemy Shop Brooklyn Mesh Football Jersey $64.99


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